Automating Your Print Workflow: Why It’s a Worthy Investment

Since Henry Ford used mass production to reduce the time it took to construct Model T in the early 1900s, America’s industry has been fascinated with automated production. In the commercial printing sector, there’s no exception. An automated print workflow reduces costs, reduces production time and eliminates errors.

Increase the SPEED of your print workflow

Automate print workflows to speed up ordering, communications and delivery. From a fast estimating engine to algorithmic scheduling to workflow tools that speedup your print workflow. Fly through jobs while you reduce errors and improve consistency.

A VISIBLE print workflow

HiFlow Solutions is the only MIS software system to offer a Workflow Diagram. The data collected by HiFlow’s Industry 4.0 technology is funneled into a diagram that contains all the job details, machines, materials and people, in real time.

A COMPREHENSIVE print workflow solution

Production workflows for printing plants include customer contact, ordering, product manufacturing, scheduling, invoicing, shipping and marketing.

HiFlow Solutions comprehensive modules include the whole of your print workflow. HiFlow is an end-to-end solution that automates your job from initial inquiry by the customer through final invoicing and shipping. Our modules include:

  • Sales & Customer Management
  • Production Preparation
  • Production Planning
  • Integration and Communication
  • Analytics & Control
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Warehousing

Reduce human TOUCHES in the print workflow

Every human touch along the way can drive up costs, cause errors and create delays. HiFlow’s print workflow automation solutions remove these touches, improve your customer experience (CX), decrease labor time in your processes and save costs.

Fast ROI

How much could your print shop save with workflow automation? NAPCO  did a study on ‘How Workflow Automation Optimizes Operational Productivity’ and the results found that over 50% of US print manufacturers claimed automation saved them time and money. Primarily in the form of:

  • Faster order processing (60%)
  • On-time delivery and shipping (54%)
  • Water and error reduction (53%)
  • Improved margins and cost savings (50%)

If Henry Ford were alive today…what would he choose to do? He would embrace any new technology that makes production easier, more accurate, produces product with less labor and, most importantly, is faster. Ford would think that 21st century Industry 4.0 technology is a worthy investment.

Consider the comprehensive print workflow solutions that HiFlow for Print provides.

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